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The firm

The firm was founded by Andrea Frattini in 1984, following postgraduate majoring in Contract Consulting, international consulting and Anglo-Italian law with a special focus on the latter, Tax and Corporate Law, and Real Estate Investment Consulting.
The firm's vocation is to serve Customers and to fully assist them in their growth and development.
Specialization in international law and international consulting; specific focus on British-Italian regulations.
Since it was first established, the Firm has been supporting its Italian customers with business interests in Italy and abroad, as well as foreign investors operating in Italy. Moreover, it provides further services aiming at supporting financial intermediaries and institutions, as well as specific skills involving personalized management of real estate property.

Focus On

The firm deals with international consulting, assisting the clientele in international tax matters through an extensive network of correspondents and the partnership with international London-based companies.

Equally noteworthy is the experience accrued on the subject of both Italian and International Trusts aimed at safeguarding family and individual property.

We specialize in international law with a special focus on Anglo-Italian regulations.