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Real Estate asset management

The Firm's professionals deal with all legal and tax aspects of the case at the same time as focusing on any financial opportunities offered and imposed by best practice standards.

Over the years, the Firm has more specifically accrued remarkable experience in acquiring, selling and managing real estate properties, and can offer a management package including several services made to fit any individual need; moreover, it offers consulting on investment of personal assets through real estate purchase in Italy or abroad.

Our know-how in real estate asset management ensures thorough planning and protection of both family and individual assets. This is carried out in line with the opportunities made available by enforced national and international directives regulating finance, tax and contract Law. Moreover, through direct contact with the most advanced regulations affecting a specific case, we have accrued the experience needed to tackle professionally the sensitive issue of generational transfer and to create "family office" projects within a business family.

The Firm has also acquired the necessary know-how required to solve typical issues involving other jurisdictions, which sometimes turn out to be ad hoc solutions for a Client after the necessary adjustments.

Besides specialized tax, corporate and - more generally - estate planning consulting, the Firm can also boast specific competences in financial reporting and estate growth monitoring, which run parallel to the activities of other financial consultants and estate administrators assisting the same client.

Focus On

The firm assists the clientele in international tax matters through an extensive network of correspondents and the partnership with international London-based companies.

Equally noteworthy is the experience accrued on the subject of both Italian and International Trusts aimed at safeguarding family and individual property.

The Firm's know-how guarantees a thorough planning and protection of individual and family property.