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Corporate consultancy

The Clients' needs are fully met with our financial statement and consolidated balance sheet services, as per EU directives.

We provide additional supporting services such as assistance and revision of administrative and accounting procedures, for which we have accrued remarkable skills and competence.

As Auditors, the Firm's professionals can check the accounts internally in compliance with current regulations, prior to accounting and balance revision and certification.

The Firm provides corporate and tax engineering consulting, in line with the client's development targets. With their extensive corporate finance skills, our professionals can provide financial restructuring or optimization consulting, corporate governance advice, and assist you in drafting statutes and parasocial pacts, as well as in corporate merging engineering.

Equally noteworthy is our assistance to professional private equity and venture capital operators, and merchant banks.

Focus On

The Firm's Professionals carry out auditing activities in full compliance with a strict ethic code as regulated by Italian Laws.

They can act as managing body members and can perform competence auditing within relevant corporate entities.

The Clients' needs are fully met